Great for gifts and collectors

Hand crafted caricatures and relief carvings are great gifts for collectors

Hand Carved Wood

I use basswood, also known as linden for most of my carvings. It is the carvers choice wood because of its straight grain. Basswood is soft enough to carve yet strong enough to hold details.

Hand Painted

Each carving is hand finished using a three part process. After the carving is completed, it is dunked in Boiled Linseed oil to help seal the wood. Then after a few days of drying, it is hand pained with acrylic paint. After the paint dries, a poly acrylic coating is applied to help protect the work.


Each carving is unique. That's what makes them special! When you are browsing the carvings, please keep in mind that the product you receive will not be exactly like the product image. It will be close but still a one of a kind!